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I was born in 1974. I'm the middle child in a family of 5. I have seven nieces and one nephew. As yet I have no kids of my own. I work alternately as a graphic designer (preferred) and a retail clerk (paying the bills) Once I aspired to be a TV journalist, but I don't think I had a knack for it. My hobbies include in no particular order: biking, skating, exploring inner space, reading, and most anything you are allowed to do naked. As for other vital statistics, mind your own damn business.

I like to define my self as self reliant and child-like, just a little crazy. I'm a student of life, I like to think that I can learn something from just about everyone. Sometimes that's very hard, but I try. I'm also ridiculously shy around people I don't know, (it's embarrassing) and completely extraverted with my friends. I also have a bad habit of trying to please everyone, probably a hold over from childhood, but I'm trying to get over it.

I really do think that men ARE from Mars, or perhaps somewhere further off. At least most of the men I know seem to have come from some other planet. One guy I dated for a while seemed to space out completely when the TV was on; it didn't matter what he was watching, it always took his full attention. Another guy I knew asked every woman he dated to marry him. (Eventually someone said yes.) I havenít quite figured out the whole relationship game. All the rock steady relationships which Iíve witnessed started in high school and continued from there. Mind you, not all the high school relationships have worked out, but all of those that Iíve witnessed which started later in life have ended messily. Not that Iím any great expert, this is just my experience. I'm not quite an Ally McBeal, but I see a lot of truth in her stories. Still, I haven't given up on men yet, I just hope that they don't given up on me.

My sex life really hasnít been anything to write about. Okay, once in college my room mate and I and our boyfriends all took a shower together, but somehow that sounds kinkier in retrospect. Sure, I had a fantasy life as a teenager, but those were so pedestrian. The wildest fantasy I can remember from high school was being kidnapped and rescued by a musician.

Not long after that I discovered the erotic novels of Anne Rice, Sleeping Beauty, Exit to Eden, etc. I wanted to be Beauty, more than I had ever considered as a child. Rescue is exciting but it ends. Beauty now lived in a world where every day brought a new adventure, where sex was safe and risky at the same time. Iím still sad that it can only happen in a fantasy.

So I started fantasizing about spanking, public nudity, humiliation, anal sex and other things Iíd never experienced. My fantasies began to take on a different shape entirely, I started browsing the Midnight section of Borders Books and leaving the Romance section alone. Suddenly I was standing in front of a classroom of my peers with my panties around my knees and my teacher turning my ass red in the name of science.

The Beauty series of books also got me thinking about sex in new ways. I really hadnít had any homoerotic fantasies until I read about hers. Yes, I did have some technically homosexual experiences in middle school, but they were merely play. Kissing and experimenting. You really couldnít call them erotic. I remember watching a porn movie in college at a party, and when the lesbian scene came up all the boys loved it and all the girls said "gross." Perhaps that was the politically correct response at the time. Now, I can really excite myself by thinking about being spanked by a girl.

So then someone introduced me to AOL. Wow, did I spend a lot of time in the chat rooms. There I learned a great deal about fetishes practiced outside my little circle. Some of these things seemed really sick at first, others just a little silly. I probably wasted a great deal of time on "chat" but it did expand my horizons too.

Some where along the line I started writing down my own fantasies. These were all consensual sub fantasies. I'd love to post them, but unfortunately they've been lost or misplaced. If I ever do find them again I'll put them up here. I think they were pretty good. I tried to delve into emotions and motives as well as sticky mechanics. Some people liked them. Other's didn't respond. According to a faculty member I was the best writer in the art department, I don't know if that says much for me but I was pleased. I would share them with you, but I've moved recently and misplaced them. As soon as they can be located they'll be added here, but I'll warn you, they are more in a b/d s/m and less gynophagia.

It was in the alt.bondage.stories news group that I first saw a Dolcett cartoon. That was Fantasy Bar-B-Que. At first I was horrified, I had never been into snuff. But the consensual aspect of that story, and the bondage really turned me on. (Enough that I let go of the fact that anyone roasted over an open fire would die of carbon monoxide poisoning long before they were cooked.) Anyway that story sent me looking for more. One of my early favorites was Meredith's Last Interview, it seemed to hit all the right buttons for me, bondage (on the spitting machine), public nudity (she strips for her TV news story), semi-consensuality (she is tricked into it but doesn't object), sex, and more sex. Yes, there's a down side too, she dies. But she's a character in a story, it isn't real. Oh, I could do without all the body parts and the gore, but I've learned to gloss over that in my mind.

There are lots of other artist whom I admire. Eric Van Gotha is a current favorite, along with Alizar, Raul Fernandez, Pete Boggs, Mass Graphix (whoever that is), Wallace Wood, and Tcatt. And, of course a sentimental favorite for the various artist who draw the "Carrie" series. Although I donít know urls for all of them, their work is often posted to the various erotic toons newsgroups.

Perhaps the fascination with being eaten steems from early identification with storybook characters like Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. I guess what I'm doing with this site is exploring my darker side. If I knew in college what I know now I'd probably have been into the Goth scene. It's all very beautiful, sensual and dark. Even now I think I might start dabbling in new age witchcraft. I've always felt a strong spiritual side, maybe next week.


Recently I started a new job, a little more in my field than the one I was in when I started this site. Okay, a lot more. The point is, that it's taking a lot of my time lately. You may have guessed that since it's been about four months since I've updated it.

I recently located a story I wrote a couple of years ago. It's straight text, and doesn't contain any woman eating, so don't get your hopes up. At the time I wrote it I was deep into the Dominance and Submission fantasy, reading Anne Rice, and stories by internet authors like "Flogmaster." If you are interested click here

I'm still interested in this genre, but maybe a little less so than a year ago. I may branch out a little, or I may not, I do have plans for future gynophagia related updates. For now I just don't know when I'll find the time. I do want to thank everyone for their support and their understanding both in the past and the future.

So now it's 2003. Frankly, I never thought I'd be around this long.

I guess the biggest change in the past year, year and a half (maybe two years, I really should date these things.) Okay, wait. My little over taxed and chemically imperfect brain has told me to check the "new stuff" on the home page. Would you believe that I haven't amended this since August 2000! Time flies when your on prozac.

So anyway, the big change is my new web host. After prolonged and painstaking negotiations Muki's Kitchen is now hosting "Cap'n Kitten and the Space Bunnies." ie. the Muki's said "wanna?" and Carrie said, "let me think abouOKAY!" Well, it was a little more protracted and involved a few more details but you get the idea.

Why has this come to pass you may ask. Why is the sky blue? Why to bees buzz? Why does my ass look better in my old jeans than it does in that designer dress I bought for New Years. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? It probably just has bad breath anyway. I don't know, no one has ever given me a horse, but they have given me some storage space and band width and I say here's to their health. (It wouldn't hurt if you showed your support too, but I'm not supposed to actively advertise for Muki's Kitchen because that give people the wrong impression. So keep your impressions to yourself, unless you do a really good impression of Elvis, it which case you should probably be in Las Vegas, and check out my link page for information on a site with some beautiful photography which you can buy, if that's the kind of thing you go for.

The up side for me is that I don't have to listen to all those complaints about how slow the server is, as if I had any control over that at all. The up side for you is that it won't take any time at all to see all my pictures. Of course, you will still find something to bitch about, it's like a challenge. I can already hear it, "Why don't you update more often?" To which I will replay, "How much did you pay me to get these pictures?"

So what's the big plan for the future? Well, there's a big button on the Home page that connects to a preview of my latest evil project. I really don't know where all this talk about "Space Toads" came from. I wrote a couple of comics, PK did a bunch of stories, and photo manipulations. I'm pretty sure that it was PK's idea first, in "Carrie and the Space Toad.1 " But as twisted mind will do, we fed off each other's ideas. I did "Please don't eat me, I'm a cartoonist." PK did "Breakfst" and "Groupie," along with several other Albert stories. And I did "Space Wash." But we don't work in a vacuum either, and along the way, many other's have contributed ideas and inspirations to the Toads.

Then, there was the restrictions I'd placed on myself. Cap'n Kitten stories were designed to be 9 panels. Theoretically, you could paste them together on one 8½ by 11 page. (Well, that was the theory) The Bistro was bigger, formatted for a computer screen, and in color! It also was more fun for me. And as usual, the feedback I get says people would like to see more.

So now this next project is even larger. I won't go into the details, but don't expect to see "The End" anytime in the near future. But rest assured, there is an end, along with the beginning and a whole lot in the middle. I envisioned it as a 1950's style B-movie, with veiled references to the cold war, a lot of slime and enough sex for all the boys who read my stuff. But I didn't actually live through that era, so my take on the time period my be a little "Happy Days."

Still, I hope you have fun with it, I know I am.

As for the Cap'n, she's taking a rest. She may come back, if the right story presents itself. We may not have seen the last of Antonio's Bistro either. Uncle Tomas has passed away, but he's still with me in spirit. Then there's the very popular "Submit a caption" feature, I don't suppose you will let me neglect that.

For now, the Internet Dump site will remain. I may trim it down, but I don't see any reason to totally delete it yet. Things may change as time goes on.

Okay, this hasn't been so much about me as about the web site, but it is my web site, to it's sort of biographical.

March 2004

Well, another year has come and gone. Here I am celebrating my first anniversary as part of Muki's Kitchen. Will wonders never cease! A whole year. I suppose I should take a moment to pay hommage to my generous sponsors, (hommage? is that anything like real money?)

So what's been happening in the last year? Well a little anyway. On the personal front there's really nothing new to tell. I'm still at a job with which I have grown bored. My social life is about where it has been for three years now. I'm begining to think it's time to trade in my car. And I grow increasingly concerned about the state of the world in general.

How does this effect you? I don't know. I've been pretty consistant with my updates. I hope I can keep this up. This last episode I got done at the eleventh hour and for this biography update I'm really pushing midnight. Yes, I haven't done as many "Submit A Caption" cartoons, but then, no one has written to me to tell me they missed them either.

For the future? I will finish the Saga of the Space Toads. That's a big step for me because I have the attention span of a 13-year-old. I'm not totally bored with the story, YET, but I'm not planing any sequils either. I do have another anphibian project in the works, although I don't want to discuss it right now. That project will take a long time to do as well, and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.

For a change I'm thinking of dipping my toes into prose again. I recently stumbled across the Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated Archive. Reading some of the wide variety of stories posted there has gotten me enthusiastic about writing again. I won't kid you, I think writing is much harder than cartooning. So if I add more "stories" to my site you should figure they will be few and far between.

Of course, there's alway the posibility that the Cap'n will make her return. I haven't heard much from her lately, but she's still around. I guess that means I'll be around too, for a while.

The stories and pictures byPK mentioned above are available at

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