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Jun 20 1999 7:20PM more more more

I take it you like it.
Jun 21 1999 12:11AM great, great, great
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jun 21 1999 10:42AM Great work ! Keep at it. Your sense of humor is refreshing. /s/ Prevert
Again, thanks.
Jun 22 1999 5:38AM I like the playful way youve set your page up, especially the Biography page. Nice to meet a woman with intelligence and a sense of erotic humor, a sure sign of a lady who enjoys what shes doing.You have a lot of imagination and a fun way of doing your m
You can't tell, but I'm blushing. Go on! Oh, I see he ran out of space, oops! ;)
Jun 28 1999 2:47PM Its charming simplicity actually adds to its erotic appeal.
I'm glad you think so.
Jun 30 1999 2:31AM Hey Like to eat! ;)
Is this an invitation to lunch? ;)
Jul 8 1999 7:09PM Catergory headings are hard to read. I love the site though.
I'm not sure what I can do to make the catagories more clear, but I'll keep working on it.
Jul 21 1999 7:51AM Graphic too slow. Where are the stories?
This comment promted me to put text links under the icons.
Jul 21 1999 2:00PM cool stories... very playful...
Jul 22 1999 10:19PM I really enjoy the imaginative (and sardonic) artwork.
I can't argue with that ;)
Jul 26 1999 3:08PM I enjoy it without being mesmerized by it.
Try reading it with one eye only, then the other, keep alternating until you are mesmerized. ;)
2 1999 11:14AM I love it. I love Carrie. All right, so Im a silly old man, I still love it and her.
Thanks, dad.
Aug 9 1999 1:21AM A really great collection of really entertaining art
It's very nice to get approval
Aug 22 1999 9:23PM I think its cute, sexy, funny and friendly. What more could you want?
a pony? ;)
Aug 23 1999 9:13PM The time lapse between pictures is much shorter than the last time I looked.
I am trying, but I really don't have control over the host's speed.
Aug 27 1999 1:27AM Good layout. (Relatively) easy to follow. (Im new at this)
Appearently not everyone found the catagories hard to read ;)
Aug 27 1999 6:36AM well thought out web page
Thanks, but what did you think of the content?
Sep 3 1999 2:55PM your little warning/why do i bother entrance is childish and ... stupid. show some maturity, and lose it. (not that ill be back).
Does anyone else see irony in this person calling me childish?
Sep 4 1999 5:04AM freaking slow loading
I know, I know.
Sep 4 1999 1:46PM A lovely a very cute girl
Sep 5 1999 8:24PM It was a well balanced site both in content and style, considering the subject it was exceptionally well portrayed both provocative and fun. I intend to visit it again and again (better then cats:-)
Cool! Thanks, mom. ;)
Sep 5 1999 8:33PM Good Site, but I miss the Guts and the Blood!
Thanks. The blood and guts arn't really the point here. Try some of the links.
Sep 9 1999 12:17AM Carrie is a great human being
Welcome back, mom. ;)
Sep 10 1999 1:08AM my parlor favorite since i would like to eat a girl this would be good way to put her out
My pattend is pending on the microwave dildo. ;)
Sep 11 1999 6:41PM Very interesting and very honest. A refreshing change from so much of the dreck that is out there. Nice work...
Thank you. Want to hire me to do your web site? ;)
Sep 12 1999 1:19AM Good sense of humor.
Sep 12 1999 11:49PM too dampt slow I am thinkink.
And I'm thinking that typing isn't one of your primary skills. ;)
Sep 13 1999 2:37PM I was looking for a female magician.
Sep 20 1999 9:02PM Slow
Yes, I know.
Sep 25 1999 9:34PM The voting mechanism was confusing!I mean to give the highest scores!An absolute surprise! Im in love.I didnt know where to find this kind ofcomic material before tonight. Thank you.
(He gave me a 8.8; 9.9; and 9.0. I think he figured it out) ;)
Sep 26 1999 1:27AM Tasty! The gynophagia Im used to involves _both_ partners smiling afterwards, with her asking if Id like seconds, but this is sensual, mutual and unconventionally arousing!
Me too, but this is pretend.
Oct 20 1999 6:39AM Carrie needs to update a little more often. She has great potential and should share her talents.
When you start paying me, then you can bitch about the updates.
Oct 29 1999 12:41AM Its really different
I'm sure that's a compliment, thanks.
Nov 1 1999 7:24PM This the greatest site in the history of the Internet, if not since the invention of the wheel.
I know that's a compliment. I think you need to get out more. ;)
Nov 3 1999 12:08AM This site is the Mona Lisa, the Taj Mahal, the Charley Chaplin of web sies.
Yes, but what did you really think? ;)
Nov 4 1999 7:09PM Love this site like a schoolboy loves his pie; like a Kentucky Colonel loves his rock and rye. And I specs Ill love it until the day I die. (Courtesy W. C. Handy)
Thank you.
Nov 9 1999 9:56PM Great icons and easy navigation
Cool. Did you like the content?
Nov 14 1999 1:06PM It was for such a site as this that Washington crossed the Delaware, and he would be proud and happy that he did.
I thought he crossed the Delaware to get his dollar back. Anyway, I don't think the web was around then.
Nov 16 1999 1:39PM nice try; donĄt give up; good luck.
Thanks, I think...
Nov 22 1999 12:35AM I would rather spend time on this site than enjoy crepes suzette with famous actress Rula Lenska
And she is?
Nov 23 1999 9:25PM Variety of Settings/Scenes. Easy to follow style (Art). Not too long.
Glad you liked it.
Nov 29 1999 10:45PM These cartoons rock! Please campaign to have them made into a major motion picture.
From your mouth to Steven Speilberg's ears. ;)
Nov 30 1999 12:13AM Carries site has kept me cheerful and happy even tho I lost both arms and both legs in a grocery cart accident in a Piggly Wiggily. (I am typing this with a pencil in my teeth.)
For anyone not familiar with the U.S., Piggly Wiggliy is a grocery store chain concentrated in the southern states. Personally, I'm happy no one was seriously injured ;)
Dec 10 1999 8:21AM Great little gem of a site, I dont know why it took me so long to find it. ((found it from your posts)). I love the humor you place in some of your art, I really loved the bulldog character who has just captured a fairy, that really placed a smile on
On your face? Lips? Cousin? I guess I'll never know. ;)
Dec 10 1999 8:31AM absolutely astonishingly CUTE - and erotic at the same time ...Carries stories are remarkably absurd and delicious simultaneouslyJust the way I LIKE them
Thanks, I like 'em that way too, maybe with a little chocolate sauce.
Dec 10 1999 9:26AM Enjoy your site.Like to see some stories and/or art leading up to bad girl executions(block and axe beheading type) Dont need the blood &gore though.Possible?Brad
Thanks for the suggestion, Brad. Maybe some day.
Dec 10 1999 9:02PM Material was great! nice selection, something of each genre.But time consuming to go through site.
And it's free too!
Dec 11 1999 10:37PM This site would make Michelangelo sorry he wasted all that time on the Sistine Chapel when he could have been drawing stuff like this.
I think that Michelangelo was more interested in boys. Come to think of it, so am I ;)
Dec 13 1999 6:02AM Carrie is a heroine who is the only one who likes to play the role of a victim. And she plays a brilliant part!!
Uhm, yeah… right. Let's not read too much into this, okay?
Dec 14 1999 3:29AM As always, Carrie, love your new stuff and your old stuff! Luv LR
Thanks, LR.
Dec 15 1999 2:45PM One of the most beautiful aspects of this site isthe way Carrie shares her life. A beautiful personand an enjoyable site.
Thank you.
Dec 15 1999 4:53PM Carries art combines the life and vigor of the late Toulouse Lautrec with the vivid imagination of the late Rube Goldberg. She is truly a national treasure.
Now that's a heady comparison. Does being a "National Treasure" get me a break on my student loans? ;)
Dec 17 1999 8:33PM swaalowing isnt really my thing, but sight is cool. really enjoyed the bio.
Thanks, I think a lot of people like the bio best of all.
Dec 16 1999 11:32PM Carrie is the sun, the moon and the stars all embodied in one gorgeous person. Anyone who doesnt love her probably wuld not love mince pie either, and fie on him or her.
All that celestial embodiment makes me feel bloated. ;)
Dec 19 1999 10:47AM Carries stories are 18.7 times more entertaining than War and Peace, and she is much cuter than Tolstoy.
I don't know, have you ever seen Tolstoy in a thong?
Dec 19 1999 11:49AM great site thanks
You're welcome.
Dec 21 1999 6:17PM It is shameful the way Gene Rodenberry stole his idea for StarTrek from Carrie, and he had ought to be ashamed of hisself.
Gene who?
Dec 22 1999 10:38PM If that man spanking the young woman in that animated picture in your biography, Ill be glad to take over for him.
I'm afraid you'll have to take a number like everyone else. ;)
Dec 24 1999 12:12AM I want my granddaughters to grow up to be like Carrie, only hopefully with better jobs and more money.
I'd like to have a better job and more money when I grow up too. ;)
Dec 24 1999 6:00PM Anybody who dont like Carrie, I will punch him or her out -- provided he, or preferably she, is less than 5-2 tall and weighs under 125 lbs.
My Hero, provided…
Dec 25 1999 4:01PM easy site navigation ! good job!more more !!
Thanks, keep coming back for more.
Dec 26 1999 10:51AM After visiting this site I am almodt convinced that women SHOULD have the right to vote, and even hold public office,in spite of what St. Paul says.
Geeze, what brought that on?
Dec 27 1999 5:26PM Some day Carrie will be enshrined with other great women of history -- Joan of Arc, Mrs. Curie, Lydia Pinkham, and the rest. Let us be thankful we are living at the same time as her -- or is it as she?
Okay, but you have to promise me that Jennifer Love Hewit will NOT play me in the movie.
Dec 28 1999 7:17PM Not since Chekhov has anyone captured the ironic misery and desapir of humnanity, cleverly cloaked in humor, as has this young woman, Carrie. I foresee a Nobel prize some day, or even a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
I think I'm seeing a pattern here. ;)
Dec 30 1999 12:25AM There was Carrie Jacobs Bond who wrote sentimental songs and Carrie Nation who chopped up saloons, not to forget Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, but the greatest Carrie of all is the young woman whose work adorns these pages. God bless her and keep her w
Don't for get Cary Grant, he was too cool.
Dec 31 1999 10:19AM Millenium, shmillenium, with Capn Kitten and those Space Bunnies leading the way, I have no fear for what the future may hold.
Oh, bite me. ;)
Jan 1 2000 7:40PM My dady let me read your site becaus he said there is nothing on it that can hert me, so I did. At first I was scard by the warning but dady said you were only jokeing so thatis allright. I think your site is funny and Capn Kitten is cute. I use to wan
Jan 2 2000 4:57AM Her Bio page puts everything into perspective and reminds us of our humanity inthe middle of all oursexuality......
Gee, thanks. Glad I could help.
Jan 2 2000 3:48PM For those complaining that it is too damf (sic) slow, do like I do, take a good book along and read a chapter while the pictures are changing. Ive gotten through War and Peace, Ivanhoe and The Three Little Pigs this way, so Carrie has not only amused me
Reading is FUNdimental ;)
Jan 4 2000 5:08PM The humor is original and deliteful, but I would like to see Carrie expand her horizon to more than just the gynophagia theme. She could do much more.
I have, and I will again. But for now I'm not really finished.
Jan 8 2000 10:25PM Carrie may have been the best writer in her art class, but I bet she wasnt the best speller. But what the hell, who cares? We still love her and her page, dont we gang? Yes, we do.
Seriously, if you do fine spelling errors email me and I'll fix them. Thanks
Jan 9 2000 1:43AM It ia obvious your site is a labor of love. Tramamdous work, and excellent design. Keep it up.
Thanks, I will ;)
Jan 13 2000 4:50PM A Star Site
Jan 10 2000 6:41PM The female perspective is rather neat. Refreshing to see some less bluntstyle in an alt_sex page.Definitely one to return to.
Dreams are the subtle Dower
That make us rich an Hour
Then fling us poor
Out of the purple door.
Emily Dickinson
Jan 10 2000 7:46PM Why do I have the feeling Ive read those PK stories before on another page? I know -- its because I HAVE read them before on another page.
PK's sotries were hosted here temporarily while their host site was being relocated. If you still want to find them consult the link page.
Jan 11 2000 4:10PM Yesterday I made a comment about having read PKs stories before. I hadnt read Carries introduction to them. She is entitled to scold me sarcastically, and I will accept such scolding shamefacedly.
Consider yourself grounded for a week, young man. And no cyber sex for a month
Jan 14 2000 3:00PM I wish Carries erotic art and quirky humor could reach a wider audience, such as in Playboy or Penthouse. Or does her page already have wider readership than them?
I doubt that I have a wider readership than any national magazine, even Highlights. ;)
Jan 17 2000 1:23AM Thats a 10, a 9 and then a 10. 10 is tops in my book
What he entered was 1.0 - 0.9 - 1.0 , now I understand, but this brings my average down. Drunk people shouldn't vote. ;)
Jan 23 2000 11:58PM What more can I say but...yum!
You could put in a good word for me with the people at Publisher's Clearinghouse ;)
Jan 31 2000 6:56PM The artistic talent is, at best, that of a talented high school student, but the humor is highly literate and adult in the best sense of the word. Carrie is one-of-a-kind, and worth preserving. Im sorry make that cherishing.
Thanks for your honest opinion. I'm aware that these drawings are not high art, they aren't intended to be. As for "perserving" vs "cherishing," why don't we just all get pickled. ;)
Feb 12 2000 3:40AM I think Carries art is excellent. Better than that crap Picasso use to draw, or that Pete Mondrian who just drew straigjt lines up and down. Hurray for Carrie.
You may not know much about art but at least you know what you like. ;)
Feb 13 2000 11:41PM needs impailing
Who? Me? Are you volunteering?
Feb 16 2000 9:40PM Its a site for sore eyes. Maybe Im not saying it right. I mean its pleasing to the eyes, not that it makes them sore to look at. Anyway, I enjoy it.
Thanks Governor Bush ;)
Feb 19 2000 1:37AM Like humor.
Thanks, but then you have good taste ;)
Feb 17 2000 6:20PM good site but painfully slow at loading
Sigh! I know. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I'd have 35 cents now.
Feb 24 2000 4:59PM Too cool. Keep up the great work.
Thanks, I'll try.
Feb 27 2000 12:11AM Im happy to vote for this site, but who are we running against? I dont know any other sites that have you vote for them, but maybe I dont surf the web enuff.
Well, I've said above that there's no way for me to compare my ratings with someone else's rating, but the comments do give me an idea of how people feel. For instance, I know most of the readers would be VERY happy if I found a way to make the whole site run faster.
Feb 28 2000 2:42PM NOTE: This person didn't comment, but this is how (s)he voted. A/D 0.0, C/I 0.0, L/D 0.0;
I sure would like to know what they were thinking.
Mar 4 2000 8:32PM The Bistro is such a good combination of words and art that it is actually worth waiting for the pictures to change
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun doing it.
Mar 5 2000 10:32PM Wow...! (*sigh*) I suppose Cole Porter said it best: In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, heaven knows -- anything goes.
Gee, if Mr. Porter felt that way about stockings what would he think of leg warmers? ;)
Mar 6 2000 12:13PM I JUST LOVE IT
Mar 8 2000 5:43PM The Bistro is wonderfull but isnt that chef pretty short to be handling those full sized women?
Did you ever wonder where the Coyote got the money to pay for all that stuff he bought to help him catch the Roadrunner? It's the same thing.
Mar 10 2000 12:28AM Very nice site, I enjoy the unrealism of the cartoons ( versus foto-alters etc.) About the speed issue, how about contacting Strider at scifi-fantasy when he gets it back up and running? Keep up the great work TR
TR, thanks for the suggestion. In order to defray their costs, Scifi-Fantacy.Com has become a pay site. For now, supports itself through advertising, (and I think they sell porno videos.) That means I have to choose between two evils. I'm not doing it for the money, I don't see why you should have to pay for it. At least not while there is a free host site willing to take me on. So let's let the corporate weasels pay for the web space and occasionally, we'll click on one of their banner adds to make them happy.
Mar 10 2000 8:09PM About that story poem The Bistro, is it ordinary to roast a girl first, then make soup out of her, then serve her as a roast? I dont eat in many bistros so I dont know about such things.
I don't know, chief, maybe there was more than one girl on the rack
Mar 14 2000 1:53AM Your site has warped my fragile little mind.
Maybe you should have asked for your mommy's permission before you used her computer.
Mar 14 2000 10:46PM I enjoy pictures whare a human is being eatin alive plese send me all the pictures you have with humans being eatin alive in a zip file thanks
Thanks for sharing. I enjoy wearing sun hats on lazy afternoons while a warm breeze blows up from the beach, and a muscular fellow named "Guntar" fixes me a strawberry daqueri. You have your fantasies, I have mine. ;)
Mar 16 2000 2:45PM Its raining, the cats and dog are complaining cuz they cant go outside, my back hurts in wet weather and my wife has the flu, but Carrie still makes me smile.
We have a saying where I live, "if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes and it'll change."
Mar 17 2000 5:57PM That little chef is a great comic creation. Will we see him in any more stories?
Well, I might be talked into it.
Mar 22 2000 3:23PM I loved -- well, enjoyed -- The Bistro, but Id like to see more adventures of Capn Kitten and those admirable Bunnies.
Don't worry, Cap'n Kitten hasn't retired. She'll be back to be eaten again another day.
Mar 28 2000 10:59PM The stories, and The Bistro, are ALMOST worth the long wait to get the pictures up. I know you cant help this, but could writing to my Congresman help?
Couldn't hurt ;)
This came in via email:
Date: Fri Mar 24 04:40:57 EST 2000
Type: Complaint
Subject: Web Site
ContactReq: ContactRequested
Comments: youre a dumb bitch thats all im done
While compliments are always welcome, don't you think criticism should be constructive? I wouldn't mention it at all except this intellectual protozoan actually asked for a response but left an invalid email address.
Apr 2 2000 4:14AM Since those figures have appeared for three straight months I figure there must be something magic about them so thats how I voted. Never mess around with magic is my belief.
Abra-ca-oh, just forget it.
Apr 4 2000 4:04PM not enough there!
Okay, hot shot. Where's YOUR web site?
Apr 5 2000 1:56AM I like it. I enjoy Carries humor and her art work. Other gynophagia pages are crude and humorless, but this one is different.
Thank you. My uncle told me to always take the road less traveled, but to wear clean underwear just in case I got run down by a bus.
Apr 9 2000 12:38PM brilliant design, no too fancy but definitely not poor, streaming language and tastefull content
Tasteful? I was shooting for tasty.
Apr 12 2000 5:34PM Something wrong here -- this site has humor, intelligence and good taste. Whats it doing in with all those crude, vulgar sites featuring mindless slaughter of women?
Siting here nervously, hoping that some of those other sites don't find us in a dark chat room some night.
Apr 22 2000 2:36AM I have long been an admirer of the Capn and her Bunnies, but this latest, The Cantina, baffles me. Has someone been drpping stupid pills in my coffee to dull my perception, or is there some hidden message I just dont dig.?
Well, since I don't believe in trying to explain a joke, what did you think of the artwork?
May 3 2000 6:22AM Interesting site. I found it to be an enjoyable experiance. Im not realy sure of the lay out of the page seemed little well... plain I guesse would be the the closes thing to mind. But still realy good.
Thanks for your thoughts. The design is plain simple because the server is slow. Lots of fancy stuff would just make it slower.
May 4 2000 3:32PM Ill never love another woman as much as I loved Janet Gaynor, but I love Carrie almost as much If you dont remember Janet Gaynor, its your loss, Junior.
I love you too, Uncle T. Even if I have no idea who Janet Gaynor is.
May 18 2000 1:14AM Super site. Ya!
I like a guy who's succinct. Thanks.
May 29 2000 11:56AM I like it. Keep up the good work.
Thanks, I will (as time allows).
May 29 2000 3:28PM Ive waited and waited to call up that cartoon tribute and get nothing. Isnt there ANYTHING that anybody can do. P.S. I think most of your work is very good.
I've got no idea why you can't see it, and therefore, I'm not sure what anyone can do for you. Since you like most of the other pictures, I think you will like that one too.
May 29 2000 10:07PM Wow fun and really cool place. Keep up the great work.
Thanks, and come back once in a while.
May 30 2000 8:52PM It shows a great deal of clever imagination and artistic talent. Her art teachers must be proud.
I don't know if "proud" is quite the word. But then I don't know if any of them have seen this stuff. It's not the kind of work you put in the alumni display, you know. ;)
May 31 2000 11:50PM Like it-Original, creative, and skill, rare these daze
I'm kinda cute too. ;)
Jun 12 2000 1:53AM I enjoy the Capn stories, the cartoons and the Bistro, but my favorite section is the feedback and your witty replies to some of the inane comments. Couldnt you, PLEASE, update it a little more frequently so we dont have to wait so long for each new inst
Okay, here's someone who really misses the point. ;)
Jul 10 2000 4:25PM Sqirrel wheel in need of a new rubber band was the best science fiction I ever read. Even Douglas Adams never wrote something better. regardsJohannes Rhode
Thanks, Johannes. Now we just need a new energy emitter for the photon-propeller. I think two D cells will do it.
Jul 11 2000 2:43PM Its a wonderous page, but when you gonna update it?
How's next week for you?
Jul 22 2000 11:05PM Its cute!
Thanks, but what did you think of my web site?
Aug 1 2000 3:31PM The story The Interview is a lengthy adolescent fantasy not worthy of your subsequent work. Get rid of it.
I see, and Cap'n Kitten is an intellectual commentary on biting social issues. Get real.
Aug 8 2000 10:18PM Slow page downloads
I know, sorry.
Aug 15 2000 2:37AM Like many others I greatly enjoy yur humor and your artistry, but have the feeling you are too good for a site like this.
Hmm, I wonder what makes you think that. Coincidentally, that's what I think about my job.
Aug 23 2000 12:06PM very intelligent and interesting site
Thanks, it's always nice to here from a relative. ;)
Sep 18 2000 12:59AM Slowest server Ive ever encountered. But, we keep coming back cause we love Carrie.
Yeah, and now we have pop-up ads for sex toys!
Sep 23 2000 4:23PM A fun and very well put together site
Thank you, compliments are always appreciated.
Oct 5 2000 1:14PM Not only is Space Wash a welcome new story, but the picture loading time is much shorter than before. Thanks a great deal.
You are welcome, and thanks for noticing.
Oct 12 2000 12:46PM A while back I offered to take over for that man spanking you in the picture in your biography and you said I should take a number and get in line. I now have time for this, so where do I get that number and where is that line?
My counter comes from "BESEEN.COM" and you got a number when you come in. Didn't you right it down?
Oct 17 2000 3:00AM the speeds better, but still a mite slow. But hey. :)
Aw, juss, quichyerbitchin! ;)
Oct 19 2000 5:53PM hmsmsmsmmn,...hmm....nice drawings ;-)
"hmsmsmsmmn?" Is it really that hard to type with one hand? ;)
Oct 25 2000 9:04PM I dont care what anybody says, I think its a GREAT site.
Thanks, Mom.
Oct 26 2000 12:13PM The Bistro is an excellent cartoon, I would like to see more like it
Funny you should mention it..., stay tooned.
Nov 2 2000 10:22PM crazy and cool, i didnt see any page like this, impresses me you are exploring your seuallity that straigtht and open, its time i do the same, others would never talk about, also when they know they get killed soon
But you realize it's all fantasy, right?
Nov 9 2000 1:26PM Its the most unique site on the internet. My teachers say something cant be most unique, but they should read your site.
You're teach would probably still find it derivative of something. I think being unique is putting together the pieces in a new way. Now drag me in the shallow water before I get too deep. ;)
Nov 16 2000 2:41AM Titilating and funny, it keeps us from taking our kinks too seriously. (Humor) is the best Sauce!
But a little Soy sauce really brings out the flavor of fried rice.
Nov 23 2000 11:45PM Why dont they teach great poems like The Bistro and the sequel in school instead of boring stuff by Tennyson and Wordworth. Theyd have fewer dropouts.
Maybe they feel threatened by it. Or perhaps it strikes too close to home for them. On the other hand it just may be too silly. (On the other other hand, there's grape jelly left over from lunch.)
Dec 1 2000 7:13PM Faster! Faster! More! More! (server speed + content)
Apparently, some people are never pleased. Thanks anyway ;)
Dec 6 2000 3:41PM Nice site. Gives impression of charming young woman having fun being just a little naughty. Or are you really a tough, foul minded old b-tch? I hope not.
Just a little naughty? I fully expect to burn in Hell for my sins. What about you?
Dec 7 2000 10:30PM One question -- in Sketchbook #9, An Anxious Moment, what is the young woman anxious about: if she passed the English test, if shes to be served at the Gynophagia Society banquet, or do we write our own scenarios?
Mail your scenario to the address below. ;)
Dec 11 2000 2:11PM In one way I hopeyou find a man, or a partner, to share your life with, but dont stop sharing your fantasies with us. Love, Big Joan
Thanks, Joan. I've decided not to look for a man at the moment. Right now I'm just trying to find a reliable gynecologist.
Dec 20 2000 9:59PM Great balance -- dark, erotic & also humorous. Where else are you going to find that?
I'm told that you can find something like what you've asked for in the Haight Ashbury section of San Fransico.
Dec 23 2000 10:44PM Get rid of the damn pop ups once clicked on the main page. The only good thing was the warning clicker on the main page. That is afantastic idae.
I don't have any control of the pop-ups. I know they are a pain in the bottom, but they keep the site free.

In all of January, no one left a comment.
(although I did get some lovely email messages)

Feb 3 2001 5:48PM I like The Snark Hunt but I am afraid that a greatful farewell should be a grateful farewell. Or does anyone really care?

Well, I can't speak for those readers who are just here for the pictures, but as a writer who can't really spell, I care.
Feb 4 2001 8:15AM You are a very sick woman. You are perverted and absolutly disgusting. Would you marry me???
With sweet talk like that, I'm surprised you are not already married.
Feb 23 2001 2:40PM the bistro part I and II are really good cartoons
Mar 4 2001 12:26AM Karyn is Back! Carrie runs this site with thesame love and care as we saw in The Casa Thanks Carrie
Stop, I'm blushing, but thanks, even if I don't deserve it
Mar 12 2001 3:07AM Im not easly,aroused,but,im hard as a rock!The subject matter ,was handled,extreamly,well!Id like to see more of this!
Thanks, that's much more information than I needed.
May 3 2001 10:52AM Carrie, you minx! What a wonderfully wicked way of letting us know what goes on in that beautifully twisted head of yours. If you want any further ideas for stories just let me know *S* Take care. Mark
Thank you, Mark, I think. Story ideas I've got, what I need is time to draw them.
May 5 2001 11:41AM Just needs a bit more devouring scenes
Perhaps that is what other sites are for.
May 7 2001 10:14PM Just wanted to compliment the new cartoons.I cant wait the read the captions for the your turn drawing.
Well, the wait is over. Be sure to submit your favorite.
May 10 2001 12:37AM sometimes a little bit slow, but worth waiting for
Thanks for waiting :)
May 9 2001 2:18AM Thank you carrie, and please stay to gynophagia without blood and guts. I like my food not only tasty but good looking :)
I can't make any promises, but the gooey stuff doesn't really appeal to me either.
May 18 2001 1:17PM Keep up the good work and drawings
Thank you, I aspire to satisfy.
Jun 3 2001 11:52PM sometimes a little bit slow, but nicethe best: no scripting/plugins needed.. yeah!
So when I finish the flash animation I'm working on you don't want to know about it?
Jul 10 2001 10:03AM I stopped by right after lunch to begin with, and I STILL want to eat Carrie. Thats quality.
Yeah, you and a hundred other tourists. Thanks for stopping by, and your generous tip.
Jul 18 2001 9:15PM Thats the spirit!
The Spirt of Whom?
Aug 31 2001 11:03PM More women eating women!
Your request has been noted.
Sep 11 2001 8:26AM Its always a pleasure to re-visit your site Captain. Ill always be a fan. We seem to really think alike. Hugs: Surfergirl
You too, Surfergirl. Come back anytime you like.
Oct 29 2001 12:56PM Very good
Thank you.
Jan 2 2002 1:16AM takes to long to load pages
Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
Jan 3 2002 12:19AM Needs more photos/graphics/fiction.And more visuals of Carrie (I dont mean more skin, unless she wants to).
Ya know, some people are never satisfied. Kinda like me.
Jan 25 2002 12:11AM I liked Carries biography the most. Wasnt interested in the genre itself, but gave me some insight on how Carrie got involved. I hope Carrie finally finds a man though, on with differing interests, but understanding enough to accept HER interests.
You and my mom, kid. (And my dad, and grandmother, and my Uncle Tom, and my Aunt Bette, and my friend Kelly, and my dog, and...
Feb 11 2002 8:56PM great stuff
This person obviously has several gifts, including but not limited to an ability to thoroughly summarize complex opinions and heady elaborate commentary into monosyllables; exceptional taste in art, humor, and all things world wide webbie; and I’m guessing, able to crush beer cans on his forehead.
Feb 22 2002 2:38PM Love the site but very slow.
Thanks, and see the myriad of comments above. (sigh)
Mar 4 2002 3:22PM very cool
But enough about me, wait, there's never enough about me.
Mar 5 2002 10:23AM Your position towards being eaten is quite tasteful!
No pun intended?
Mar 11 2002 2:54PM If I say Excellent stuff will I get the same kind of veiled derisive comment as the guy just above?
My Magic 8-Ball says "Outlook Very Good."
Jun 1 2002 7:50PM I truly love your site with deep sincerity. Couldnt you somehow get a grant or a fellowship or something so you can quit your day job znd devote full time to upgrading it?
But I find my job personally fullfilling and socially redeaming... :(
Sep 8 2002 1:46PM would like to see carrie dangling on a rope heh heh
And Uncle Bob wonders why he never gets invited over for the holidays anymore.
Sep 21 2002 4:06PM very intertaining story,I found the way you expreesed funny...hope that was intensional...haha,loved the ending of the story,I felt like I could fell the warm sweet juice flowing into my mouth,with such a force some woud escape though corners of my lips a
Honey, there's a limited ammount of space in the feedback section. If you need more room to express yourself, use the email link. Okay?
Nov 12 2002 6:00PM enjoyed it!
Then my job is done here.
Nov 12 2002 8:49PM nice site. keep it going
Thank, I'm trying.
Jan 2 2003 5:45AM Much work-very nice
Kewl, me like hear from Tarzan. Glad him like my site.
Jan 10 2003 7:44PM I did enjoy your story. Will look for morefrom you. Liked the art work too.
Thanks. I'm having some fun too. I had planed on writing a new text story on a gynophagliac theme, but I haven't found the time.
Mar 2 2003 8:27PM Slow to load
Hey, guess what! We FIXED it!!!! Thanks. (Okay, not totally fair because this person visted about a week before the site moved, but you've no idea how tired I am of hearing how slow the old site was.
Mar 10 2003 10:13AM An additional sequel to the sequel would be nice If you need ideas drop me a line
It's not out of the question, but why not take your ideas and write you own story. I'm sure many people would like to read it.
Mar 28 2003 7:27PM Grrrrrrreat! -Tony the Tiger
Thanks, Tony. Hey, let's do lunch sometime.

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