Actually, this is a little sad because some of my favorite links have disappeared.

Since "La Casa de Dolcett" is no longer, this site is now the unofficial library of all (well most) of Mr. Dolcett's work.

Original Photography. Sample images are free, additional images are pay-per-view.

A collection of stories by many of the gynophaglic regulars including PK, LR, Dolcett Chef, and a whole lot more.

(Mostly along the snuff lines)

Chupacabra's Free site

tons of galleries of pictures including those of my good friend PK.


This is a portal to a strange collection of fetish cartoons in a unique and very appealing style.

"When I see beautiful women. I never fantasize having sex with them like other men do. I always fantazise how it is to see them being tortured, impaled, being butchered like a animal" .
I really love this guy's work, I'm so glad he's found a host again. You gotta love a snuff artist who signs his name in Disney's font.

Host to all sorts of erotic horror subscription sites and the above mentioned Dolcett Archive and the story archive.

The Art of Templar

More snuff fantasy than I'm generally into, but worth checking out.

Art of Tagaha:

Cartoons too twisted to describe.

Hexvixen and Annette "The Snake Lover" share duties as the moderators of ths message board. Look for original stories, gratuitous pictures, and commentary on eating woman. Warning, they have a low tollerance for violence or other viloations for their terms.

While I'm at it, this is the all-new Woman Eater Forum. Well, it's actually as close to the original as possible without having the original moderator. The new moderator prefers to be called #2. They are now sponsored by someone with whom I am very familiar, and this has lead to a lot less off-topic posting and ads. Well worth the visit.

Art of Tcatt:

More erotic cartoons, super heros and such, still no sick stuff. He's really good. Unfortunately his site is frequently missing. Here's to hoping that it's there when you follow this link.

Raul's Sexy Females:

Just plain erotic cartoons. Beautifuly rendered. Not twisted.

Home of a list of every type of depravity. The didn't like my art (they call it crude) but they did like my site layout. I guess I should be happy about that.

This is a small and appearently unofficial collection of some very well done cartoons. The parent site looks interesting, but I haven't fully explored it.

A pay site, but with a small free area. Jab is a very talented cartoonist, and his work is very well known around the web. His kinks are not my kinks, but I love his work.

A large free archive of erotic comics of all kinds, including Eric Von Gotha. Very cool.

This list is in no way comprehensive.

All of these areas include further links to help you in your spiritual journey.

Good luck!

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