This movie was created on a Macintosh system but we were very careful to make sure that it will play across platforms. A variety of movie-player applications should be able to open it but we highly recommend using Apple's Quicktime for either Mac or Windows. Because we created the file with QuickTime, a few special defaults are automatically invoked when using the QuickTime Player and the movie should look its very best this way. If you prefer to use a diffeent sort of player, we recommend that you check the following:

  • Set the movie to loop (play continuously, forward to end).
  • Keep the size normal -- enlarging the image is not recommended.

If you are using Quicktime, both of these settings should be automatic and were saved as part of the actual file. (We noticed that the movie did not play continuously in some browser windows, even with the QuickTime Plug-in, but worked just fine when saved to our hard drive and opened with a QuickTime Player.)

If you are using Windows, the thumbnail on the main page inside the portfolio is a direct link to the movie file and you can right-click (or is it left-click?) directly on it to save the clip to your hard drive.

Mac users can save the clip directly to their hard drive by control-clicking on the thumbnail and choosing one of the "Save linked file..." options from the pop-up menu.

In the past, a few people have had trouble seeing the video track. One customer stumbled upon a workaround: If after downloading the movie clip you see only an audio track when you open it in Quicktime, do the following:

  • Uninstall your existing Quicktime player (even if you are sure it is current!).
  • Go to the Quicktime link (above) and download the full free version of the installer.
  • Install the new Quicktime player onto your computer.

While it's frustrating to go through all these steps, it does seem to work!

Recently we've heard from a few folks who are having problems because they can not install the latest version of Quicktime. It seems that the latest version (7.2 as of this writing) requires that you have a very current version of operating system and, of course, hardware that is compatible with that. This frustrates us because it seems that the big companies assume that we all have gobs of money to constantly throw at our computers and keep everything on the cuting edge. Fortunately, we found a solution: Try Quicktime 5.x!

Windows users click here:

Pre-OSX Mac users click this link:

Mac users who have an earlier version of OSX can try here:

Our movie clip does play in the new version too, of course.

One additional note on the above links: If you tried to install the latest version and then found out that it didn't work on your system, you may need to completely uninstall it and restart your computer before installing one of the older versions...

If none of the above works for you, you can always try Apple's QuickTime support page at:

This movie was shot with a pro DV cam and edited on a professional non-linear digital editing system. While compressing for the web inevitably degrades quality a bit, we kept it to a minimum and the file size is still a whopping 39.2mb (making it the largest we've ever produced). It has several different shots, runs almost 1.5 minutes long and includes a mixed-down soundtrack with several different effects. Played as a loop, you can watch for as long as you want to.

Finally, we want to thank you for purchasing this portfolio and for helping to support our projects. We do ask that you please not distrubute this file, as it took a lot of work to create and we feel that it is rather special. With your ongoing support, we will be able to continue to produce even better and more exciting new projects.

Thank you, again, and enjoy!

--Mr & Mrs Muki ... :-)