We respect your privacy! As most of our visitors and customers already know, we really are a small, "Mom & Pop" operation and we are just regular folks, like you. We are strongly anti-spam (no one ever receives unsolicited emails from Muki's Kitchen!) and we don't even actively advertise our site (well, we did recently begin sponsoring the Woman Eater Forum -- but our one and only banner there is both discrete and topical...). For those of you who don't know us yet, here are our promises:

1) We do not gather email addresses.
2) We do not send unsolicited emails.
3) No SPAM! -- at all, ever, none...
4) We do not sell lists of email addresses (those that we didn't gather in the first place ;-)
5) We make no attempt to gather personal information or find out who you are.

While we do get CCs of electronic receipts, they do not include any specific payment information (credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc.) and we will make no attempt to contact you*.

*In rare instances, we may notice that you may have purchased the same portfolio twice. If this should happen (and we caught it before you did), we may send you an email and ask if you are having difficulty with this transaction and if you would like us to remove the duplicate charge. Naturally, if you should contact us first, we will clear up any double-billing issues immediately!

We hope that the above information assures everyone that we are honest, professional, and discrete. We really do care about our customers and feel that each and every one of them deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy.


-- Mr & Mrs Muki :-)