A most welcome guest on this site is Muki's Kitchen. They are an honest-to-goddess "mom and pop" operation, a husband and wife team make this site, which is devoted to yet another fetish that uses taboo for it's "kick". There are many cannibalism fetishists and sites devoted to this "extreme fetish" (a quick internet search will prove that, if you didn't know it before) but this site is entirely different from the rest. "Mr. And Mrs. Muki" are artists and people of great taste -- pun intended, of course -- and their site has no ads, no extraneous bullshit, only generous galleries of the pictures that cannibalism fetishists would like to see. But more than those rare and heartening qualities, Muki's Kitchen provides the fetish community with beautiful artistic pictures, high quality images that can be downloaded and fantasized about again and again.

  One of Mr. Muki's goals is to make the images as real as possible. Most cannibalism pictures on the internet are pictures that are stolen and the spit or other cooking tools are put in with a graphics program. Most of these images are not very well done, and therefore (for me) not much of a turn-on. Muki's images are *amazing*, however. Muki insists on using non-faked images and he is one of the very, very few sources on the internet to post images like this. When you look at these images, everything you see in the picture was there when the picture was taken, nothing was added later. Shot with a skilled and creative eye, with professional (and also innovative!) lighting and props, these images can be enjoyed even by people who never thought they could be turned on by such things. Not only is this a site for those who get quivery at the thought of a luscious babe roasting slowly over an open fire, or a tantalizing plate of braised brunette, but also those who get turned on by beautiful art-photos will enjoy the appetizing photos on this site.

  They are also great to work for. Ondine and I went to their marvelous studio for the shoot, and while it was one of the hardest shoots I've ever done (you try being spit-roasted!), both Ondine and I are looking forward to our next shoot with Muki with great anticipation (how will we be cooked next? Only Muki knows!) It is a very funny realization about the world of porn that at an "extreme fetish" shoot that deals with things that many would find "sick" or "depraved", Ondine and I were treated with more respect and politeness than many of the "mainstream" porn shoots we've been at.

  Since I was so excited about the images of me being spit-roasted, Muki generously let me use some of my favorites on DarkPlay, to share with you. Let me set the scene for you: the JK-3 auto spit-roast machine helps a petite gal like Ondine get the spit lined up evenly on the tasty dish she is cooking up tonight. I was so excited about the machine that we didn't really need the lube we used! Once I was soundly spitted, I was coated in oil (we want a crisp skin, of course!) and Ondine used a delicious mesquite honey to keep my flesh moist as I cooked. I cannot even begin to describe to you the smells of turned-on girl (me AND Ondine!) and mesquite honey it got hotter and hotter. It's too bad these pictures are not *scratch and sniff*, because as beautiful and sexy as they are, they smelled even better! But that's just two of your senses: imagine the crackling sounds of honey and girl-juice dripping into the open fire, or the feel of the heat coming off the fire pit (carrying the aromatic smells to you) while you sit back in a lawn chair and watch the roasting, and then Ö think of the taste of the most succulent, moist and tender flesh you've ever had, with crisp skin holding in the juices and flavors, how it bursts in your mouth as you bite down, spraying your taste buds with flavor, feel it melting richly on your tongue the way a good steak should. Now, go look at these pictures!


[Please note: These images are sample images, much smaller than the images you will find on Muki's Kitchen]

Visit Muki's Kitchen to see Ondine prepared and cooked!!!

(Noto bene: Neither Muki's Kitchen nor DarkPlay condone violence towards women, or people living out things that should stay in the realm of fantasy. This shoot is an example of that. Obviously, I'm still alive or I wouldn't be writing how good I taste, would I?

On the other hand, if this shoot scares you -- why is that? It was done with consensual -- willing and eager is more like it -- models, and fantasies are good things to explore, especially the taboos. Humans eroticize the taboo -- it's our weird human way of dealing with things, similar to laughing at frightening jokes. So enjoy it, it's not real and no one was hurt during the making of it.   Email Zille



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