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Anastasia in "Brazilian BBQ!"

After being inspected, stripped, and dispatched, Anastasia Pierce is skewered on a spit and then vertically mounted in a specially-made barbecue cove. Kordelia Devonshire is the attentive chef, keeping Anastasia's rotating body well basted and glazed. A delicious woman, deliciously prepared!

This portfolio contains 34 images & a QuickTime movie!










QuickTime Video Movie:

Using a DV camera and pro editing system we put together this short movie clip of Anastasia on the spit, cutting in different angles and adding a sizzling sound track. As with our previous videos, this 87-second clip is intended to play as a continuous loop. QuickTime 5.x (or higher) is recommended.

This video is 640 x 480 pixels large and file size is 39mb.



A few additional notes on the video: This is by far our most complex clip and, even with reasonable video compression, we had trouble keeping the file size down to only 39mb! We are quite pleased with the result but this probably isn't a very dial-up friendly clip... If you have any connection issues, please consider them prior to purchasing this portfolio. In the interest of full disclosure, we are making a copy of our movie-info page available here. You might want to look it over before buying.


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