Portfolio 159, is ready to eat!

Skyla Novea stars in this portfolio story of a member of a secret cannibal dining society (probably the same group that cooked and ate Codi last year...) who decides, after three years of preparing girls for feasts and enjoying their meat, that maybe that is the way she wants to go out herself. Certainly an unlikely premise but it was fun to write and shoot. We included captions, to help tell the story, but kept them on the short side, as Skyla was a good actress and the pictures speak for themselves. This is a live roast and Skyla peacefully fades away as she roasts in the oven. Very delicious! :-)

Previews can be seen here and below is one last out take from this set ...

New portfolio coming in two weeks!


--Mr & Mrs Muki :-)


Skyla is served!