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"In or Out? Double-Double, Cannibal Style!"

Chrissy Marie and Darcie Dolce are preparing a very special girl-soup but can't decide which one of them should be the main ingredient. First, Darcie leads Chrissy into the pot but then Chrissy overpowers Darcie. Fortunately for us, they both get boiled in the end. M'm! M'm! Good!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.


Kendra cooks Dee in "Dee-licious!" (part 1of 2)

Kendra James prepares and roasts Dee Williams in this turkey-style cooking portfolio. There are some new twists this time around and we think that everyone will be at least a little surprized. The first part takes us through dispatch, inspection, oiling, and trussing.

This portfolio contains 42 color images.

Kendra cooks Dee in "Dee-licious!" (part 2)

In the 2nd part of this story, Kendra finishes stuffing and garnishing her tasty bird, adds flavouring by draping parts of Dee with bacon slices, and even gives her a good-night kiss as she slides her into the oven. Dee roasted up nicely and was delicious!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.


Beatrice in "Bendy Babe Baked!"

When we invited bendy Beatrice to see our new oven and then told her that we were going to cook her, she thought it was all just a game and even posed herself in the platter! A cooperative victim makes for a most delicious roast and she expired peacefully as she baked...

This portfolio contains 44 color images.


Serene Siren in "Oven-Roasted Yoga-Girl!"

Serene Siren gets introduced to fine cuisine -- Muki-style! Accepting her fate gracefully, she begins by limbering up with some comfortable yoga poses. Then she is dispached, nicely buttered up, trussed in a knotty position and slid into our brick oven to roast. She was delicious!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.


Sabina Rouge in "Sweet and Sour Redhead!"

Sabina is live-roasted! She is made to butter herself up and then she is shackled to a roasting rack. After she drifts away in the smoker grill, her wrists and ankles are released and she is aranged in a more comfortable looking pose, garnished with lemons, orange slices and a lime.

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



Here is where we will be reviving our older portfolios, for those who may have missed them the first time around. To make things just a little more fun, the image-sets in any of these ten "slots" (portfolio 1 and portfolios 8 through 16) are subject to change at any time -- with no posted schedule or prior warning -- which means that it is possible for a change to take place while a subscriber's one-week of membership is still active. If this should happen in the slot you had purchased, you would get the new contents (a second portfolio) without needing to pay for it because your access was still working when the change happened. No promises though, as the current contents in any slot could be here for just a week or stay up for a month... Good luck and enjoy!

The past portfolios of the moment are...




Megh & the Cannibal Hillbilly Sisters!

Megh returns to Muki's Kitchen and finds herself in trouble with a pair of hillbilly cannibals who decide to cook her up in their rustic stone oven. Inspired by another of Megh's "Little Red Roundbottom" comics, this set captures all of the sexy fun of her hapless heroine's misadventures!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



"A Bountiful Feast!"

Diana Knight becomes a special entree, lovingly prepared by Anastasia Pierce. After being properly oiled and trussed with a cooking net, our considerate chef treats her doomed victim to one last delicious orgasm, just before sliding her into the oven for roasting. What a way to go! What a treat to eat!

This set contains 44 color photos.



Candace Von in "Soul Food Long-Pig!"

The voluptuous Candace Von is grilled whole and then served in a platter, on a bed of rice and diced vegetables, garnished with the traditional apple in her mouth. And no, we didn't chop her head off this time! To keep things a little different, the last 10 shots show her served, on a red-checked tablecloth.

This portfolio contains 43 color images.



Kylie Page, in "Oven Roasted Thanksgiving Girl!"

We invited Kylie to our studio, promising her a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We didn't mention that she would be taking the place of our holiday turkey! While understandably nervous at first, she allowed us to put her into the oven and peacefully slipped away while being roasted...

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



Island Girl Soup!

Nautica Thorn stars as a South Pacific maiden who sacrifices herself on the great feast of the summer solstice, so that the people of her island can eat and celebrate -- with herself as the guest of honor! This is a consensual, live-cooking, pot portfolio. Elegant, haunting and, as always, delicious!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.


Skyla Novea in "Volunteer Roast!"

Skyla is a member of a secret cannibal club and, after three years of preparing other girls as food, she decides that being cooked and eaten is the way she wants to go out. This is a consensual, live-roast portfolio, with captions. Oh yes, and Skyla was perfectly yummy!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Banquet of the Vanquished Wrestler!"

In spite of all her physical and mental preparations, female wrestler Serena Blair loses her match and becomes the entree for the winner's family and friends. Such is the short, happy life of a defeated athlete in a cannibal society... The good news is that her perfect meat made for an absolutely delicious victory feast!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



Sarah Vandella in "Racked Rump Roast!"

Sarah Vandella comes to Muki's Kitchen and she's not at all pleased with the fate that awaits her! We quickly dispatched her and prepared her body for roasting by placing a high rack under her hips, all to better display her luscious rump. Scrumptious!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



Spit Roast II -- Julie

Julie volunteers to be impaled and roasted alive! Pictures show her posing with the spit, preparing her backside with oil, being skewered while tied to a sawhorse, and then being roasted. A new approach to special effects allows us to show her suspended on the spit from head to toe!

This portfolio contains 39 color images.
Please note: This is an early portfolio and images are smaller than current work.



Christine Barbecues Butter on the Rotisserie!

Butter returns -- this time to be live-roasted by Christine, who straps her onto a spit and lovingly bastes her with honey as she turns slowly over the fire. Images show evaluation, preparation, straping in, and rotisserie roasting. Two Quicktime clips, a video and a stop-motion animation complete the set.

This portfolio contains 38 images & 2 QuickTime movies!