For webmasters who prefer to use banners on their links pages, we have designed the following graphics. These are here to be freely used and we only have two small requests:

Please download a banner from here and upload it to your own server. Do not link to these images in an attempt to have them load on your own pages from our server -- that's called "hotlinking" (which is basically bandwidth theft) and we have a script in place to help prevent it.

When creating a link to Muki's Kitchen, please make it go to www.mukiskitchen.com. Do not link directly to the home page or any other page inside, thus bypassing our warning/disclaimer page. For obvious legal reasons (not to mention common courtesy) we do not want first-time visitors to land somewhere inside Muki's Kitchen without first seeing the warnings and having the opportunity to decide whether or not they even want to enter.

Here are the banners, presented against the types of backgrounds they were designed to look best on:



This banner is 80 pixels high by 444 pixels wide.
We designed it to look best against a black (or dark) background.


This banner is 84 pixels high by 448 pixels wide and designed to look best against a white/light background.


This banner is 50 pixels high by 278 pixels wide.
Designed to look best against dark backgrounds.


This banner is 52 pixels high by 280 pixels wide, for a light background.